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Leadership Training

Helping leaders create engaged employees, communicate confidently and unleash their team’s potential.

Inspire your team to be more effective


​Many leaders were thrown into management roles because they were good individual contributors and expected to just “know” how to lead others. 

The thing is, the skills that make someone a great IC - focus, drive, dedication - don’t always translate to a situation where your main job is to motivate and bring out the best in others. 

Being a boss is more than being supportive, running meetings and forecasting. It’s more than just assuming people will do things the way you do them. 

Our training helps give you the skills, confidence and knowledge to get the most from your team. 

**Whether it’s in person or virtual, our workshops are designed to be thought-provoking, inclusive and customized to meet your unique needs. 


"Our leadership team has really taken to her style and I have noticed that they often are referencing tools and ideas from training months ago that are sticking with them. Her applied learning is EXACTLY what we hoped for."

Kim Driscoll, Sr. Editorial Director | Curriculum Associates
Kim Driscoll,
Sr. Editorial Director | Curriculum Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your training sessions?

We offer micro learnings or complete leadership development programs. Depending on your team’s location and needs, training can be delivered in 90 minute bursts or over the course of a few days. We’re flexible like Yoga :)

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How do you know which training to start with?

Using my proven CRAVE formula, we’ll create a precise assessment that bridges the gap between problems and solutions in YOUR organization. The CRAVE assessment uncovers unspoken ‘gripes’, wishes and hopes of employees. The answers to this assessment guides the best coaching & training next steps. 

​Example of the CRAVE assessment questions:


Effective Communication

PREPARED: I prepare for my communications in advance
PROACTIVE: I address team toxins proactively and redirect them for healthier outcomes.
LISTENING: I actively listen and seek to understand before sharing my thoughts.
CURIOUS: I ask open-ended questions to spark other people’s ideas.
SOLUTIONS-FOCUSED: I encourage my team to come up with solutions to challenges.

3 | Sometimes

3 | Sometimes

4 | Mostly Always

4 | Mostly Always

5 | Always

**Additional assessment options include - interviews, engagement surveys, DISC, and 360s. 

How does company culture play a part in your training?

It’s not enough to paste a mission statement and values on a plaque. Strong culture integrates the values into the relationships of organizational members.

Our training teaches employees and leaders how to infuse the values, lead by example, build trust and create psychological safety. These are all key qualities into ensuring a culture is functional vs. dysfunctional. 

What are the outcomes of training?

Leaders and employees are consistently grateful for what they learned in our trainings. 

From a drastic impact in team dynamics, meeting effectiveness and communication skills, leaders how the skills they need to increase employee engagement and KPI’s.


Below is a chart demonstrating the before and after improvement in key leadership qualities after participating in a leadership development program. 


What are the most requested trainings?

Intro to coaching

Empower others through the power of coaching techniques

Resilient Leadership

Inspire yourself so you can inspire others

How to Hire

Onboard the best team for you and your organization

Mastering Communication

Communicate with confidence, influence and ease

Meaningful Meetings

Ensure meetings are productive and connecting plans with outcomes

Employee Engagement 101

Get the most from employees by giving them what they crave


Improve productivity, leadership and sales by learning how this personal assessment tool can identify character traits and behaviors.

Dare to Lead

Learn the vulnerability, shaming and rumbling methods by a certified Dare to Lead Coach

Visionary Leadership

Know exactly what you want and where you are headed

And more…..


increase in employee engagement


increase in sales


decrease in attrition costs

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