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Assessments, Leadership Coaching & Customized Training  


Helping leaders create engaged employees, communicate confidently and unleash their team’s potential.



At the core of every great training is an assessment of the current landscape - a chance to objectively understand where we’re starting. 

We dive in to understand your team's unique needs and challenges, beginning with a self-assessment to create buy-in, and help your team become open to feedback. For additional clarity, we often utilize in-depth conversations, engagement surveys, personality assessments and 360s. 


Executive Coaching

Using my Chief Inspiration Formula, I will help you get to the heart of challenges quickly while unleashing your authentic vision, goals & voice.

Clients consider my coaching to be powerful, engaging and impactful, helping foster productive conversations, confident decisions and highly engaged employees through full programs or individual sessions.


Customized Team Training

I recognize every client is unique. My workshops are designed to be self-reflective in order to strengthen connections, improve communication and create lasting leadership impact. 

Together, we work to customize a training solution that considers your culture, client and team, determining the appropriate format: remote or in-person, number of classes, length of each training and selection of modules. We'll focus on specific areas of opportunity like emotional intelligence, visionary leadership, developing your coaching style and more, depending upon your needs.


 Coming Soon 

Chief Inspiration Officer: Management Mastery Course

Following the lessons in Val’s book, Chief Inspiration Officer, this 5 module online course gives you the techniques to lead a top performing team at your own pace.

From the foundational steps to becoming a CIO to becoming your own Muse to guiding your team to reach their full potential, you’ll have actionable tools and advice that will help you confidently create your unified microculture, master the art of challenging conversations—and other high-impact leadership actions. 


Book: Chief Inspiration Officer:
How to lead the team everyone wants to be on

Whether you are looking for a compliment to training & coaching, or a less expensive alternative, CIO is the one-stop resource you’ve been looking for.

This thought-provoking guide filled with stories, strategies and techniques helps you build the high-performing team you are craving. Learn how to navigate challenges with ease, communicate confidently and inspire yourself so you can inspire others. Create a CIio Mastermind with your team, read at your own pace and then bring me in for a Q&A. Learn more here.


“I have watched my leadership and my peers literally “change before my eyes.” Most importantly I have watched myself change. I am very proud of that.”

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Let's chat to uncover challenges and how to build a path forward. 

Step 2

Together we create a self-assessment to discover your team's strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Step 3

Choose the best next step based on your budget, timeline & needs: Live training, 1-1 coaching session, CIO mastermind, or self-paced online course.

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