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  How can I help your team excel?  

Assessments, Coaching & Customized Training  


Helping leaders create engaged employees, communicate confidently and unleash their team’s potential.



What are employees (secretly) CRAVING from their leader?

The CRAVE assessment uncovers unspoken ‘gripes’, wishes and hopes of employees.


The leader can make their employees' ‘utopia’ a reality, and keep them engaged, excited and motivated to perform FOR THEM… if only they focus on what they’re craving?

It’s tough… when we’re ‘in the soup’ of a situation, it can be hard to see what the real issues are.


When leaders come to me… their initial thoughts about what their managers or employees need or what needs ‘fixing’ is vastly different than what the managers or employees mention in their feedback surveys. And this is all very normal across the majority of organizations.

Which is why… before we pick the low hanging fruit, we need to know what the fruit is…

Onboarding, communication, performance improvement, emotional resilience, motivating and inspiring others… any one or a combination of these could be what’s needed.

Using my proven CRAVE formula, we’ll create a precise assessment that bridges the gap between problems and solutions in YOUR organization. The answers to this assessment guides the best coaching & training next steps. 

**Additional assessment options include - interviews, engagement surveys, DISC, and 360s. 


Executive/Leadership Coaching

Coaching takes the (executive, director, or manager) from where

they are now, to where they want to go. 

I guide even the most successful leaders on how to get the most from their team.


So far…my clients have already figured out:


  • It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day minutae 

  • Employees don’t always do what we assume they should 

  • Communicating with clarity is not always so easy


My transformational coaching has the unique ability to see ‘emotional blindspots’ and ‘gently’ bring them to your attention…becoming a leader who is truly inspiring to work for.

Someone who walks their walk, gets it done and stands proudly with their team…




Being able to prioritize goals, talk through concerns and communicate clearly and powerfully.


Coaching typically starts with a 90 minute deep dive into current challenges to help you get to the heart of the matter. Then we prioritize the list and dive into the most important topics at hand. 


Common topics include:


Executive Coaching: Managing board members, internal communication, on-boarding, strategic planning, executive presence and more...

Leadership Coaching: Inspiring others, team culture, gaining buy-in, intra department communication, effective meetings, hiring & firing and more...


From visioning techniques, goal setting or communication strategies, the BEST part is clients have access to all my training templates. This resource further strengthens your impact and gives your unlimited tools are your fingertips to reference at any time. 


Customized Team Training

Leadership training and workshops can sometimes be ‘boring’,

do you agree?

But they are necessary, right? 


You and your team already have strengths, but you also have your weaknesses (I know… just one or two :) 


So forget ‘training’. What development is really about is..


It’s about absorbing.

It’s about integrating.

It’s about optimizing.


Absorbing new material, integrating new concepts and optimizing the productivity of your team. 


By developing your team’s communication skills and leadership effectiveness… imagine how much faster you and your managers can excel….before your time is up at your current company.


Whether you and your team are putting their stamp on the organization for this year or beyond  … or just enjoying the inner satisfaction of personal growth, how powerful can leveraging an expert trainer’s “brainpower” accelerate these outcomes?


If you believe in your vision,… what are you prepared to do to make your vision a reality?


What are the gaps in your strategy? Your communication? Your emotional resilience?


Who’s there to fill in those gaps amongst the noise?

Having someone ‘proven’ for your team to learn from can make the difference between managers who’ve been ‘trained’ and managers who’ve ‘optimized what they need to do.


All the top business leaders and sports people immerse themselves in rich-learning environments.


And top organizations leverage expert consultants.



Because they want to reach a new standard.


They want to BE the new standard.


Is that you? Is that your team?


Training means absorbing, integrating and taking productivity to the next level.


Here's a sample of training workshops:

Intro to coaching - Empower others through the power of coaching techniques

Resilient Leadership - Inspire yourself so you can inspire others

How to Hire - Onboard the best team for you and your organization

Mastering Communication - Communicate with confidence, influence and ease

Meaningful Meetings - Ensure meetings are productive and connecting

Employee engagement 101- Get the most from employees by giving them what they crave

DISC®- Improve producitivity, leadership & sales by learning this personal assessment tool

and more.... 

customized training

 Coming Soon 


Chief Inspiration Officer: Hybrid Management Mastery Course

Were you 'thrown' into a management role with not much training?

Or did you deliberately and strategically work your butt off to get there?


In either case, if you’re anything like me, when you reached a management or leadership position:

… did you suddenly realize it’s harder than you thought?


Demanding team members, underperforming employees, stress, expectations, pressure from upper management, ever-increasing KPI's… the list goes on (as you know)


You probably also realized:

You either need to grow by choice or grow by force in order to ‘survive’ (let alone thrive), right?


I get it

I faced this same situation...

I realized one thing… if this is going to work in any shape or form, I need to ‘up my game’

by  learning how to be:


  • Calm under pressure

  • A more effective communicator

  • More connected with my team


Otherwise… it’s game over. And back to LinkedIn I go.


My team went from struggling to the top performing team in the region in 6 months.


I discovered game-changers like:

  • What motivates employees to perform at their best

  • How to communicate with them in 'their language'

  • How to be the truly 'inspirational' leader my team were (secretly and unknowingly) 'craving'


And I figured out and fixed some of the biggest problems faced by leaders, such as:

  • How to reduce high employee attrition

  • How to keep employees engaged and on-track

  • How to increase sales FAST


 I got to thinking…

“Other managers must be facing these exact problems (or worse) too?. This can’t just be a ME problem, can it?”

…I wonder what THEY’RE doing about it?


I realized I HAD TO do something.

What I’d learned was too good to stay ‘bottled up’ inside me…

It had to come out so that others can avoid the mistakes I made as well as enjoy the wins I created.


Enter the "Chief Inspiration Officer: Management Mastery Course’

…my in-depth leadership course for managing people, expanding yourself and getting incredible results FAST…  even if you've been managing people for years (decades even)


But it wasn’t as simple as that.

I knew I couldn’t deliver ‘yet another management course’… I HAD TO PRODUCE BREAKTHROUGHS.


And from what I learned during the ‘tough times’ of managing others, I knew I had to do more than just offer simple training videos.

The course can be done using a "Hybrid" approach

… meaning it's the perfect blend of self-guided learning, accountability AND personal guidance and support from a certified CIO coach.


Why this approach?


Because one of my other big ah-ha's was that learning needs repetition.

And the more diverse ways the learnings are delivered, the stronger and deeper the knowledge is retained.


You'll be supported and be encouraged step-by-step with:

- Weekly Exercises

- Group Accountability

- Self-Assessments 

- Expert Leadership Coaching


I'm also going to give you free access to my book 'Chief Inspiration Officer'.

This way we'll be 'on the same page' (literally) when we work together on the workbooks, assessments and coaching.


Here’s a brief outline of the course…

Module 1: An Introduction To Becoming a Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO)

Module 2: How To Inspire Yourself So That You Can Inspire Others

Module 3: Recognizing And Responding To What Your Team Is Craving From You

Module 4: How To Create a Thriving Micro-Culture

Module 5: How To Master The Art Of Challenging Conversations


You'll also receive these three great bonus modules:

Bonus 1: 'How To Hire' - Getting It Right THE FIRST TIME

Bonus 2: 'How To Fire' - When is time To Say Goodbye To An Underperforming Employee

Bonus 3: 'Meaningful Meetings' - Balance the task at hand While connecting with your team

Bonus Module 3: 'How To Talk With Your Boss' - Connect, advocate and advance.

If you’re sincere about being a deeper leader who is truly inspirational… this is the course for you.

Chat with Val to see if this is the right step for you and your team. 

Anchor 1

Book: Chief Inspiration Officer:
How to lead the team everyone wants to be on

“Fascinating insights into the importance of communication, microcultures, and hiring in creating an engaged team.”
Bob Kelleher, Author of Employee Engagement for Dummies.

"Her lessons are insightful, relatable and applicable for a leader at any level. Chief Inspiration Officer should be a standard issue for today’s leader.”
Lee J. Colan, Ph.D., CEO Author, The Power of Positive Coaching

"A fresh, invigorating new approach to leadership and management. She's the business role model we all wish we had.”
Charlene Li, New York Times bestselling author of The Disruption Mindset

What’s your ‘secret’ goal within your current position and within your organization?

Where will you be 10 years from now?

WHO will you be 10 years from now?

While the world we live in is changing faster than we can keep up

There’s one thing that’s always been and will always be a constant....

If you truly understand people, you can inspire them to dig deep, stay engaged and work harder for you.

Think about it…

All the greatest leaders throughout history… Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Marcus Aurelius, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ghandi… the list goes on.


They all truly understood people… and people followed them like they were ‘Gods’ of sorts.


Think about this: what’s the gap between you now and you as that inspirational leader? 

A leader who truly moves people.

How can you have your team ‘willingly’ follow your lead, kick the goals you want kicked and do it in a way where they say, ‘what’s next boss?’

It’s possible.

But only if you truly understand people… and know how to truly inspire them.

All you need to know about people is:

  • What makes them tick

  • How to get the most out of them

  • How to speak in an influential way where they respond with a passionate “YES”


You can close the gap… FAST. Faster than you think. Faster than your superiors think.

I created the term Chief Inspiration Officer because it truly symbolizes the type of leader that knows how to ‘move’ people.

To inspire them to BE more and DO more.

Not by force, not by threats, not by intimidation… but by BEING the type of leader that people


Whether you’re new to leadership or a veteran looking for fresh insights, my Chief Inspiration Officer book will help you:

  • Inspire yourself so you can inspire others

  • Understand others so you can encourage them to push past their own limitations

  • Guide your team to reach their full potential 

  • Communicate with clarity, ease, confidence and influence

  • Create a micro culture that thrives… especially during the challenging times.

This thought-provoking guide is filled with stories, strategies and techniques that help you build the high-performing team you’re craving.

If you can truly ‘absorb’ the concepts in this book, you’ll truly understand people… and they’ll strive for greater things… with you and because of you.

Grab your copy here


“I have watched my leadership and my peers literally “change before my eyes.” Most importantly I have watched myself change. I am very proud of that.”

 After Leaders Complete Executive Muse Coaching & Training... 



Recommend the training and 
coaching to other leaders



Believe the training
made them more effective



Found the coaching further 
enhanced the training

 I’ve helped leaders reach their full potential at: 


 Your Next Steps For Leadership Success 

Step 1

Let's chat to uncover challenges and how to build a path forward. 

Step 2

Together we create a self-assessment to discover your team's strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Step 3

Choose the best next step based on your budget, timeline & needs: Live training, 1-1 coaching session, CIO mastermind, or self-paced online course.

Take the first step and get in touch!

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