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How to Be the Leader People Actually Want to Work For

Does your team seem checked out and indifferent? Do you struggle to motivate them? You're not alone. Research shows 70% of employees are disengaged, costing billions in lost productivity.

But you have an amazing opportunity to change this. With the right approach, you can become the inspirational leader your team wants to follow.

Ready to ignite engagement and unlock potential? Here are 5 proven ways:

#1. Inspire, Don't Require

Ditch the boss/employee hierarchy and adopting a partnership mentality. Make it clear through your words and actions that you see your people as talented professionals, not cogs in a wheel. Ask for their input. Make them part of key decisions and process improvements.

#2: Develop a Shared Vision

According to leadership expert John C. Maxwell, "A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” But just knowing the way yourself isn’t enough. To lead effectively today, you must co-create a vision with your team.

Rally your team around a shared mission and objectives? What are you all working toward together? Where do you want to be in 1 year? What are the most important things to prioritize to get you there? (The human brain can not prioritze more than 3 key things at a time) What decided steps will get you there?

#3: Communicate transparently

Communication is one of the biggest drivers of workplace satisfaction. Employees crave clarity, transparency, and frequent conversations with leadership. They want to know what’s going on and have input.

Have candid talks about company challenges. Ask your team for solutions instead of providing all the answers yourself. Admit when you don’t know something.

#4: Empower Autonomy

Your team wants opportunities to learn, grow, and do meaningful work. One survey found that 87% of millennials rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job.

Assign projects that help your people expand their skills. Be available to coach them through roadblocks. Empower autonomy. Could you let your team figure out how to complete tasks vs. dictating every step? See yourself as a solutions-facilitator, not a continuous problem-solver.

#5: Show More Appreciation

Everyone likes to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. However, 65% of employees report receiving no recognition or praise in the last year!

Show your team you notice and care about their contributions. Send a quick Slack message thanking someone for meeting a deadline. Shout out to top performers at team meetings. Write handwritten thank you notes. Celebrate group accomplishments, too, like product launches or landing new clients. Recognize years of service milestones. Go beyond compensation.

Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Work For

Adopt this mindset and these tactics to become the inspirational leader your team craves. Tap into intrinsic motivation and watch engagement soar. You have an incredible opportunity to inspire your team to reach new heights. Lead the way!

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