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"CRAVE this: 5 Ways to Build Loyalty Within Your Team"

Loyal team members bring discretionary effort, passion, innovative thinking, and collaboration to their roles - taking your department's success to the next level.

But you can't demand or force loyalty. You have to earn it by fulfilling your team's core needs. I've found that team members want five key things from their leaders, which conveniently form the acronym CRAVE:

C - Connection. Teams crave personal connection with their leaders. Get to know them as human beings, not just workers. Discover their passions, families, and life outside work.

R - Reliability. Be consistent and reliable in your actions, moods, communication, and support. When a leader is unpredictable, it's unsettling.

A - Appreciation. Recognize your team’s contributions both publicly and privately. Appreciation is hugely motivating.

V - Value. Ensure team members understand how their role impacts the company’s success. Helping them see their value fuels engagement.

E - Effective Communication. Open and frequent communication relieves stress. Set expectations clearly and provide feedback consistently.

Some tactics to implement the CRAVE approach:

  • Start team meetings with personal check-ins or icebreakers.

  • End meetings with a win everyone would like to share

  • Follow through on all commitments, no matter how small.

  • Recognize when goals are achieved and milestones are met.

  • Reach out to customers and share feedback praising specific team members.

  • Check-in often via huddles, 1-on-1s, and surveys.

When team members feel seen, appreciated, and valued by their leader, loyalty naturally follows. By fulfilling their CRAVE needs consistently, you build an environment of trust where your team can thrive and exceed expectations.

If you are looking for more support and would like to see how we can help Create a Thriving Team Microculture at Work, schedule a complimentary call here.

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