Be the leader everyone
wants to work for.

Executive coaching and management training to help you retain your employees.

Are you a leader who is struggling with…

how to keep employees motivated?

You are not alone.

Many leaders deal with the pressure to perform, attract top talent and sustain productivity .

Most are thrown into management roles without much training.


From imposter syndrome, conflict resolution, and work/life balance, do you ever feel like you'll never meet your KPI's?


Are you overwhelmed?

At times do you feel lost and unsure where to go for help?

Is it tough to manage board members, your boss, or other department leader's expectations?


Do you feel like if you don't figure it all out quickly, it's back to LinkedIn you go?


Most leaders want to up their game, but they're not sure how.


I was that leader too!

​I thought... if I can just find out what really motivates employees, I could have a chance at leading a team excited to come to work everyday.


I sought out mentors, examples, case studies...

anyone and anything that would help me expand beyond the four walls of my own mind. 


Things started to change.

Small things at first, then big things.

My team went from the worst team in our region to the highest-performing team in less than 6 months.


I knew I had to get these lessons, principles and techniques out of my head and into the hands of people who need them most.

So I earned my MBA, quit my job and became a certified coach. 

For over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with startup CEO’s, VP’s of Marketing, Director’s of Engineering and the list goes on…


Val speaking at a corporate event
Val training a leadership cohort
Val giving a presentaton
Training a sales team

Bright, dedicated, visionary leaders seek out Executive Muse to build their culture, train their leaders and increase  their executive presence. 

 Here’s how we work with individual leaders & companies: 

CIO Book by Val Reis, Executive Muse

Chief Inspiration Officer
#1 New Release

  • How can you get your employees to perform better for you?

  • How do you build a loyal culture?

  • How can you be the type of leader everyone wants to work for?

Chief Inspiration is the guide book to ensure you don’t have to go at leadership alone. With practical tips and real life examples, Val guides you through common workplace challenges and what to do about them. She is like having your very own coach hand holding your through how to not only get the most from your team, but from yourself as well.

Chief Inspiration Officer: Management Mastery Course

  • Do you feel alone on management island?

  • Crave a management blueprint?

  • Want a team that thrives?

The Management Mastery Course is a powerful framework that breaks down everything you need to succeed. Following the lessons in the Chief Inspiration Officer book, this course guides you through not only how to inspire yourself but how to get the most from others. It is the ultimate companion to management mastery. 

executivemuse course val ries.jpg

Facilitated Training:
In-House & Virtual

  • Are you looking for ways to unite your team?

  • Do you have specific training needs?

  • Do you want everyone to be on the same page?

Our leadership training’s focus on a variety of topics to unite your team culture. Self-reflecting, thought-provoking and engaging content ensures learning is engaging and fun. From communication techniques to DISC training, teams uncover their strengths and opportunities for growth. Give your team the tools they need to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Executive Coaching

  • ​How do you work through your deepest fears?

  • Uncover your biggest ideas?

  • Transform your company culture?

You hire a coach. Not just any coach. But one that sees your emotional blindspots, challenges you to be better and guides you through any obstacle. Whether you are working on a culture strategy, executive presence or a presentation, I’m right alongside you guaranteeing your success. We don’t have to go through leadership alone. 


 From the Executive Muse Blog

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 What Leaders Say After Partnering with Executive Muse 

Val is excellent at reading the room, relating to our business and shifting gears based on the reactions and needs of our staff during training. Our leadership team has really taken to her style and I have noticed that they often are referencing tools and ideas from training months ago that are sticking with them. Her applied learning is EXACTLY what we hoped for.

Kim Driscoll, Sr. Editorial Director | Curriculum Associates
Kim Driscoll,
Sr. Editorial Director | Curriculum Associates

Real ROI. Real Results. Real Leadership Growth.


Improved their confidence


Improved their delegation skills


Improved their communication

 I’ve helped leaders reach their full potential at: 

Hi, I'm Val.

I've spent years turning around struggling teams, uplifting low morale, and making sure that workplace productivity actually works. As the founder of Executive Muse, a company dedicated to leadership development and executive coaching, I've been applauded for my ability to build fast rapport, get to the root of challenges and transform cultures.


From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, I've been a highly sought-after leadership trainer, previously holding a variety of upper-level management positions that led to both an MBA, coaching and organizational culture certification in my field.


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you can find me trying out a new moves on the dance floor or walking my dog with friends and family.

Val Ries | Executive Muse | Leadership Expert

Ready to take your leadership to the next level?