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Val Reis, Executive Muse

Become the leader everyone wants to work for.

Executive coaching and management training to help you build a high-performing team


craving, you'll have more

When you have the leadership guidance you’ve been

98% of leaders say they need additional support to:

  • Communicate confidently

  • Lead fearlessly

  • Boldly take risks

  • Grow and inspire their team

  • Build an amazing team culture

  • Attract top performers

  • Overcome skill gaps

  • Exceed Key Performance Indicators

  • Cultivate innovation

  • Achieve deep influence

When you work with me, you gain the guidance you're craving.

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 How I Help Leaders Accomplish Their Goals 

93% of Executive Muse Clients Improved their Leadership Skills in as Little as 4 Sessions

Assessments | Val Ries | Executive Muse


Discover your team's needs and challenges using in-depth conversations, surveys, personality tests or 360s.


Customized Training | Val Ries | Executive Muse

Customized Training

Enjoy training tailored to your team’s unique needs so you can lead more effectively.

Customized Training

Executive Coaching | Val Ries | Executive Muse

Executive Coaching

Prioritize, strategize and communicate your goals to help guide you through thick and thin.

Executive Coaching

Books and Courses | Val Ries | Executive Muse

Books & Courses

Gain management insights, techniques and self-paced training on your own schedule.

Books & Courses

 What Leaders Say After Partnering with Executive Muse 

Client Testimonials for Executive Muse 
Testimonials | Val Ries | Executive Muse

Val is excellent at reading the room, relating to our business and shifting gears based on the reactions and needs of our staff during training. Our leadership team has really taken to her style and I have noticed that they often are referencing tools and ideas from training months ago that are sticking with them. Her applied learning is EXACTLY what we hoped for.

Kim Driscoll, Sr. Editorial Director | Curriculum Associates
Kim Driscoll,
Sr. Editorial Director | Curriculum Associates
Val Ries | Executive Muse | Leadership and Management Training

Real ROI. Real Results. Real Leadership Growth.



of leaders saw major 
improvements in their confidence



of leaders improved their delegation & empowerment skills



of leaders improved their 
listening and communication

 I’ve helped leaders reach their full potential at: 

Hi, I'm Val.

Executives come to me because they’re often too close to their team’s challenges or their leadership opportunities to know where to go next. They want faster results, more impact and real strategic growth—but they need a guide.

No matter their title, they look to me to be their “muse”, building a training and coaching program to teach them or their team how to lead with confidence, communicate effectively, decrease attrition and attract top talent.

I leverage my corporate leadership and client experience to clarify your unique leadership brand, identify your challenges and focus on your most valuable opportunities. You’ll go on to become the boss everyone wants to work for—and the leader you’ve always wanted to become.


Let’s chat about where you are now—and where you want to go next.

Val Ries | Executive Muse | Leadership Expert

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93% of Executive Muse Clients Improved their Leadership Skills in as Little as 4 Sessions

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